We get a lot of non-resident trick-or-treaters from neighborhoods and apartment complexes where the residents would likely get shot or robbed (or both) if they went door to door there.

It infuriates a vocal micro-minority of residents in my neighborhood (I refuse to call them neighbors) who wonder why "those people" (poor, usually Hispanic) can't stay "where they belong." Incidents have popped up now and again amongst the more proudly bigoted homeowners where they actively turn away non-residents and then crow about it on Facebook.

I look at the faces of these visiting parents and see that they are happy for their children getting to have a safe, fun Halloween that would otherwise be unavailable to them. I smile and toss in a couple more MilkyWay minis and make a big deal out of their costumes.

And then I crow about it on Facebook, so fuck you, you bigoted fucks.